Special features

Photo taken by Mal Swinden 

Mark Lea Q&A Mark Lea, sports writer for the Northants ET, has kindly agreed to speak with the Blog. He gives HIS player of the month for February 2008, sheds some light on the situation between the ET and the club, and responds to the accusation that he is biased against the Diamonds
The pessimist series: article one, two and three
It is now! Games you shouldn’t have left early
Max Griggs Q&A Lord Max very kindly agreed to answer a Q&A, with all the questions submitted by the fans. He discusses RDFC post-Max, Keith Cousins, his continuing support (as a fan, rather than financially) and why there will never be a giant statue of him outside Nene Park. 
Archived interviews with… David Wood, Conal Platt, Andy Burgess, Phil Gulliver and Aynsley McDonald

Eye on the Terrace (No.1) w/ Diamond_Geezer1
Eye on the Terrace (No.3) w/ Russ, Barton and DW.
Eye on the Terrace (No. 5)Live” version.
Eye on the Terrace (No. 6) Five fans give their views

ANDY BURGESS writes for RDFC Blog and Burge writes for the site again. (Now ex-Diamond) Andy Burgess wrote two pre-season articles for the blog in the summer of 2007, giving an insight into life in the Diamonds camp.





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