Live photos from the Kassam

En route to the Kassam

No introduction, I’m too nervous. All I’ll say is check back soon for more photos, and click each pic for a closer look. 

Nearly there...

The Kassam

The drum

A very busy Priory pub

The Oxford fans' wall

MS sets up the training area

An hour to go until KO, but the first few RDFC fans have already taken their seats

Warming up15 mins to go, getting busier

The Diamonds fans welcome the players to the pitch

OUFC fans get colourful

The players line-up

A Rushden header is put over by "John Terry" (according to Radio Northants!)

Full time

The Diamonds players battle through the crowd to applaud their fans

The crowd begin to disperse

Always next year

Congratulations to Oxford United. Sob.

A big thank you to Dazzler, who has been supplying photos for the last three seasons now.


One Response to Live photos from the Kassam

  1. OUFC since 76 says:

    With the performance of the Luton Fans as a bench mark I think your fans were a credit to you, especially the ones who stayed to the very end.
    The Conference should note that this is how it should be. there were Rushden fans in our “real” home pub the Priory who were apart from the usual banter more than welcome.
    Get a budget for next year and you meust feel optimistic and I hope we don’t have to play you.

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