Live Oxford United play-off photos

I won’t attempt a witty yet informative introduction because I can hardly manage at the best of times, nevermind today – our biggest game in years. John Terry is here, alongside a few thousand other fans, but Dazzler is the man to thank for these live photos.

Click each photo for a bigger picture. Check back soon for more photos.

John Terry arrives by helicopter, lock up your daughters...

JT is ferried to the suites



The Oxford fans...

A break in play after an OUFC goes down


The players leave the field at half time...

Kurt, Lee and the officials leave the pitch at HT.

The Diamonds celebrate their equaliser

More photos soon, check back in a mo.


4 Responses to Live Oxford United play-off photos

  1. Cuthbert says:

    There’s something a bit nauseating about seeing that stand full of Rushden & Diamonds “fans”.

    Last time I was in the opposite end, there were about 20 people in there.

  2. Bill says:

    They were only there cus it was Oxford!!!

  3. OUFC since 76 says:

    As an Oxford Fan I was shocked to see your ground not damn near full. Where was everybody. I don’t think you have the largest core fan base but you can normally rely on the glory fans turning out to boost your finances at games like this.

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