Workington match photos

A sign in the pre-match pub.

Incredibly it seems that there will be football played tonight, despite floodlight failures and the Big Freeze. Our photographer, Dazzler, is of course present and will be uploading photos throughout the evening. Check back soon.

Plenty of space on the away terrace

A minute's silence

Kick off

Mark Byrne hits the post

A Workington goalkick

Diamonds go 2-0 down within 30 seconds of the second half restarting.


7 Responses to Workington match photos

  1. Jock Brown says:

    Mighty Diamonds ? No Mighty Steelmen!I’d say Corby Town are now the second team in Northants.Get in there!!!!!

  2. och aye says:

    Steelmen, Steelmen – we will be in the Premiershiup in 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wwodb says:

    What’s with the Corby fans crawling out of the woodwork?

  4. Jock Brown says:

    Corby are the future mate. Only 850 home fans at plastic park tonight.The end is nigh!

  5. name says:

    Is Ted a Scottish name?

  6. PigmanRDFC says:

    If Corby are the future then god help us all – run along and play with the Ploppy fans, they’ll appreciate you and you’ll be in good company, they’re all self confessed prats on there messageboard so you’ll fit in a treat !!

  7. Jock Brown says:

    I get it from your tone of voice that you’re really worried about the threat the mighty Steelmen are to your plastic club.Well you won’t be looking over your shoulder much longer, because we’ll be in front of you.Just look at our support at Kettering, you must be in awe.LOL

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