Kidderminster photos

Ice, ice baby

Rushden are unbeaten in the league since the 5th of December – a fact that would be more impressive had the Diamonds actually played a BSP game in that time. However, due to the FA Trophy and the winter weather this will be the lads first campaign fixture in a long while.

There was a fear that the cold weather would effect this game, too, as the icy sections of ground outside Nene Park show (above). However, the pitch is in a flawless condition and the game is to go ahead. All photos taken by Dazzler. Click each pic for a closer look. Feel free to comment below – we especially welcome opposition banter 🙂

Some final preparations from the ground staff

  Keep checking back during the game for more photos and behind-the-scenes news.

The green grass of home

The Harriers warm up while the first few home fans claim their places in the PDB

The covers did their job

Warming up

Match action

Analysing the match footage

The PDB in the growing dark

1-0 to the Diamonds at HT.

The KHFC fans

The Diamonds pressure the KHFC goal, ultimately leading to Tomlin's second goal - a cracker

Full time and it finishes 2-1 to the Diamonds. We remain in 8th place, still very much in contention for a play-off place.

Full-time, and the groundsmen are back to work

Back on with the frost covers


2 Responses to Kidderminster photos

  1. Nigel says:

    Amazing how quick the fog came in after the game when the sheets were being put back on, had that game been an hour later it’d have been called off, the fog is really thick around NP

  2. Phil... says:

    Thanks for the pics Irish and Dazzler.

    Pity we were so poor. Poor enough to give you an overdue home win against us.

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