Dale Roberts talks to RDFC Fans Blog

Dale Roberts very kindly agreed to conduct a Q&A with the fans. All questions were submitted by fans on the online messagebord. Below are the answers.

Courtesy of OWS

What was your best moment in a Diamonds shirt? It would have to be beating Ketterng 1-0 at home last season!

Who is your best friend in football? I grew up with Adam Johnson who plays for Middlesbrough, and I’m still good friends with him now.

What do you think of the song the fans have for you (featured in the above video)? I think it’s quality, I would love to know who made it up!

Was it an easy decision to join RDFC permanantly when the opportunity arose? Was there other interest? It was easy at the time, as I was playing football every week and the manager Garry Hill and goalkeeping coach Tony Godden made my mind up straight away. They made me feel very welcome, plus the facilities and club just speak for themselves. There wasn’t any other interest, I just wanted to play football.

Will we see a return of the ”jump up if you hate Kettring” move from you that endeared you even more to the fans? Of course, I love the derby games, there’s always a real buzz… jumping up just adds to it!

Do the players read the fans’ messageboard? Do they take the things written to heart or just laugh them off? I’m not so sure if they all do, but I do now and again. It’s interesting to see what they think. They pay the money everyweek to come and watch us.

How do you rate your chances of getting back into the starting lineup? All I’m doing is getting my head down like I do everyday and working hard. It’s the gaffer’s decision who he thinks should play.

What’s your greatest footballing achievement so far? Representing England in the C team. It makes you feel so proud.

Best player you’ve ever played with? Andy Cole and Neil Lennon at Forest, they were getting on at the time but to have someone to look up to who’s been there and done it at the highest level was just amazing.

Do you find it a little disturbing that a group of young, male Rushden supporters appear to have a slightly unhealthy obsession with you?!  Haha i knew nothing about it to be fair it sounds quite funny though!

Many thanks to Dale for taking part! To see other interviews click the SPECIAL FEATURES button at the top of the page…


4 Responses to Dale Roberts talks to RDFC Fans Blog

  1. Dave Albon says:

    LOL! I didn’t think you’d actually ask him my question (the last one)!

  2. nic says:

    Rest in peace Dale

  3. R.I.P Dale Roberts you are a great goalkeeper and a nice guy and you will never be forgotten we will miss you Dale Roberts.

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