“Dare we dream of a return to the good ol’ days?”

Perhaps it was the win over Kettering provoking memories of Duane Darby… maybe it is the 5-4 and 6-1 wins reminding us why we love the game… it could just be the simple relief to see our team managed by a popular manager and getting results on the pitch. Whatever the reason, optimism has returned to Nene Park. The Diamonds Forum‘s Godber gives his thoughts on the season so far, and asks the question: can we dream of a return to the glory days of old?

         This time last year expectation was still high with all eyes on a play-off place at least. However, we quickly realized that we were no where near good enough to compete with the big clubs in the league. Garry Hill’s tatics were naive and showed a total lack of awareness of what it takes to get out of this league. At times it felt more like a chore than a pleasure to come and watch us play. You do have to give Garry some respect for seeing that the team he put together wasn’t progessing under him and leaving. This ended a very dark chapter in the short history of our club.
          So started a new chapter which saw Justin put in charge of managing the club, which was a godsend in my eyes. We may only be in the 7th month of his reign as manager but all the signs are showing a mass improvement in not only the stanard of football but also the style in which we play – something which we haven’t seen since the ‘good ole days’. As fans we might not always agree on things about the club but what we can all agree on is that the highlight of the Justin era so far was the 1-0 win against the scum up the road –  namely K*ttering.

        Sam Smith’s 82nd minute winner proved to be the best afternoon in the Justin era, but could this ever be topped? If yes, how? There is only one answer: if we won promotion back to the Football League.Are we ready? In my opinion, yes, we are ready this season because of the man at the helm. Justin has the team’s size, tactics and summer signings spot on, amd the attacking football we are playing at the moment is at times surreal. The midfield is the best in the league in my eyes with quick and sharp movement it gives us endless chance’s to score. Yes, the defence is blowing hot  and cold at the moment but when its on form we look very hard to break down. Team spirt seems the best its been in years again thanks to Justin.

If there is one person, though, who will be the most important to us this season it is Lee Tomlin. We have to keep him fit and on form because his early season performances have been outstanding. Credit has to go to Justin for bring the best out of him.
 One more thing which is important to our chances this season is our support. We all know that there are some who make it to every home and away game without fail and their support is appreciated by all.  Most important, however, is getting the fans back down to Nene Park where we need at least another 300 on the gates to encourage and really get behind the lads. On current form and after the amazing game versus Grays, fans coming back looks likely.

As a new decade approaches let’s start it in the best possible way and push for league football again.10 games, just 2 points off the play-offs and top scorers in the league? I don’t know about you but I would have taken that at the start of the season. Keeping hold of Justin who is one of the best younger managers around could hold the key to our success.

Can we dare dream like this?

Thanks to Godber for writing the piece! If you’d like to contribute to the blog in any form, email rushdenanddiamondsblog@hotmail.com


2 Responses to “Dare we dream of a return to the good ol’ days?”

  1. Godber says:

    Outstanding piece of writing there 😉

  2. name says:

    Good piece. We’ve had a few good results lately, but I won’t get too optimistic.

    Do we suffer from a “big club mentality”? No? Daryl Clare says we do:


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