A Bulgarian Diamond…

 Maybe I should show myself, so you can see how a Bulgarian RDFC fan looks!
During the last decade our club has changed considerably. Success has come and gone, while attendences have grown and shrunk. It’s part of football, these tidal changes. Yet, throughout this – throughout the play-off final at the Millenium Stadium, the famous draw with Leeds, the many, many wins over Kettering – a Diamonds fan has quietly been watching from afar. From Bulgaria, no less.
Those of you who use the Diamonds messageboard might have noticed a new user posting called RnDBG. Below, he tells us about himself, and his love for the club.

Greeting from Bulgaria! Yes, RnD have fans in Bulgaria, too.

My name is Hristo Margaritov, and I am 20 years old. I live in Kazanlak, a town in the middle of Bulgaria. I am a big fan of the sport. I love watching and playing football and tennis. I’m a student in university (finance). I hope to become a banker after 4 years. Then I will be able to afford to travel to the UK and watch with you. We will drink beer, sing songs etc. 🙂

My favourite team, as you already know, is Rushden and Diamonds. I also support Levski, Manchester United, Margate and Juventus. Maybe you are wondering how could it be – a Bulgarian supporting Rushden & Diamonds?!? Guess what… I wonder too. Yes, it’s stupid but I don’t remember how/when  I became a fan of RnD. Maybe it was from a football manager computer game, but I’m not pretty sure.

I have supported the team for 9-10 years. My favourite ex-players are Darby, Burgess, Hope, Jackson, Woodhouse and Challinor. I hate Kettering!  😛 (11.04.2009 – precious date. I was born on that date 20 years before 🙂 ) 

I have watched only one of our matches – on the internet – and we won – 1:0! It was very exciting experience for me! I want to watch more matches 😦 

I’ve met 3 or 4 fans of RDFC in the Bulgarian internet society. I have a Rushden and Diamonds topic in the forum of the biggest bookmaker in Bulgaria – eurofootball, where I’m a moderator. I don’t write in it very often, because the interest is not big, and I don’t have time to translate the news. Here it is: http://www.forums.eurofootball.bg/showthread.php?t=1455


Hristo Margaritov, Bulgaria



2 Responses to A Bulgarian Diamond…

  1. Martin the Bulgarian MK Don says:

    Cheers, Hristo! 😀 You’re the best! One day you’ll see the Diamonds I’m sure! :)))

  2. PigmanRDFC says:

    Good man Hristo – you know it makes sense !!

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