Best of RDFC on Facebook

I’m aware that this article may alienate a certain demographic of my audience, but this article attempts to collate the numerous Rushden and Diamonds Facebook groups and clubs. There are several fan groups on Facebook, the largest of which is here(just shy of 400 memembers), but the best RDFC groups are the specific ones, that celebrate indivual players or events.

The Rushden vs. Kettering rivalry group includes a number of lovely photos, the most dramatic of which is a RDFC scarf in flames (see below), while the Kettering fans’ mis-spellt insults on the wall is always worth a glance, if only to make you feel better about yourself.

The Norweigan Fanclub is mostly in, well, Norwegian so is mostly unintelligible. It has 20 or so members, but includes the promising and somewhat sinister post “we are already planning a trip next summer, so maybe you could help us a little? just make sure to all of your friends that there are serious things going on in norway at the time. ” It’s nice to see our Scandanvian fanclub is still in business.

Somewhat bemusing is a Drewe Broughton group entitled “Drewe Broughton – A dying breed of footballer”. There are far, far too many members, although a large number seem to have only joined in order to insult him – the best insults are “he has a touch like a baby elephant” and “Dying breed…hopefully, hes shite!!!”.

Andy Burgess has his own individual appreciation society, as does Sam Smith, Simeon Jackson, Lee Tomlin, Curtis Osano and Justin Edinburgh. Garry Hill has a group not exactly dedicated to appreciation. Job done.

There are a couple of anti-Kettering groups, the largest of which is the ambitious “I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who hate Kettering Town” group. While some way off its target, its nice to see that nearly 600 people feel the same way about our friends down the road as I do. Another anti-KTFC group features some lovely photos, including a humourous newspaper typo, below.

Those fans who stand in the PDB should join the group entitled The Peter De Banke Terrace, for obvious reasons. While there have a look at a photo from the Kettering game and try to tag yourself, as a couple of dozen fans have done so already.

If you know of any other RDFC groups that you are a member of, or even created, post below.


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