When Dazzler won the mascot race



2001 was a good year for RDFC. Attendences were soaring, the team won the Conference… and Dazzler, our esteemed mascot, won the coveted Mascot Grand National. Like everything to do with our club, his victory came in the strangest of circumstances…

In fact, to say Dazzler “won” the race would be incorrect. He came second, a great achievement in itself (he was, apparently, a 33-1 outsider), but was outpaced by Freddie the Fox. A spectator was quoted as saying “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an athlete of some note. I mean he even had special running spikes.” The comment couldn’t have been more accurate.


 An enquiry revealed that Freddie was wearing running spikes and was Olympic 400m hurdler Matthew Douglas – a semi-finalist at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney (no pro athletes are allowed to take part). He was stripped of his championship medal, which was then given to the rightful winner – Dazzler. “I don’t think the fame will change me”, said the lion.

The 2009 Mascot Grand National is to be held on the 4th of October. Surely it is time for Dazzler to make his return on the big stage?! The campaign to get him to compete starts here!

A BBC article on his win

Footage from thw 2005 race


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