Whether or not you are happy with our opening run of form – and, of late, there is certainly a lot more to cheer about – there are still a few other teams to put things into perspective.

Chester – LLD (24th). Add to that a 25-point penalty and our 8th place position and sole defeat doesn’t look too bad at all.

York – LDWLD (17th). Always start poorly, the draw with H&Y yesterday merely exemplifies this.

Wrexham – WLWL (14th). A bi-polar opening to the season for one of the promotion favourites.

Stevenage – DDDWL (13th). Failing to beat H&Y, Tamworth and Barrow is not the best way to open a campaign.

Cambridge – LWWLD (10th). Alright, 10th place isn’t too bad, especially at this early stage. But for one of the championship contenders already being 6 points off the pace is not good news.

With this in mind our start isn’t looking too bad at all. Except for the frustrating defeat to Salisbury, our four unbeaten games (drawing away, winning at home) are going exactly to JE’s plan. Of course we have not yet been sternly tested, but hopefully after scoring four goals yesterday our players’ confidence will have grown enough to be able to take on struggling Stevenage and Cambridge.


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