Corby update



Five games into the new season and Corby Town are enjoying themselves, it’s fair to say. As I predicted in my recent article about the club, Corby are a team very capable of realising their ambitions of BSP football next season.

While, of course, it’s too early to be certain, but already two points clear at the top and five points clear of 5th spot, Corby are now favourites to re-start their Rushden and Kettering derbies next season. If it means a chance for another large-ish attendence, and an opportunity to put the upstart plastic Jocks in their place, then bring them on.



2 Responses to Corby update

  1. Anon says:

    If they were to gain promotion to the BSP, it would be bad news, you think K*tterings fans are bad enough…………

  2. name says:

    The large-ish attendance would be welcome, but I’m not sure if they wouldn’t draw a few neutrals away who just wanted to see a football match at our level.

    Always enjoyed the great banter with Corby fans over the years since 92, nothing to worry about from their support.

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