An interview with Phil Gulliver

Below is an old interview from the old fans’ forum with Phil Gulliver. All questions were submitted by the fans. He tells us where he sees the Diamonds in five years’ time, why Woodhouse thinks he’s hard, and who is the longest in the shower!

Date of birth: September 12, 1982. (Age 25)
Place of birth: Barnard Castle (ENGLAND)
Playing position: Centre Half
Squad number: 4
Former Clubs: Middlesbrough, Blackpool, Carlisle, Bournemouth, Bury, Scunthorpe and Hereford United.

RDFCRob – “What made you come back to Rushden after being at Hereford – a team on the up – and do you regret this decision now?”
I dont regret leaving Hereford at all, at the time a lot of things went on, which influenced my decision to not be there any longer. As soon as knew Rushden were interested again I knew thats where I wanted to be, I was relieved to be out of there! I wish Hereford all the best but don’t regret leaving at all.

BartonRaz -“Who has been your favorite defensive partner at Diamonds?”
Favourite isn’t really the right word, I’ve played with a few whilst I’ve been here but Wayne Hatswell and myself hit off straight away when he arrived, I’ve learnt alot from playing with Chris Hope too, I learn something new everytime I play with him.

Diamond Warrior-

Best Trainer – Skip (Hopey) to be 58 and still be as fit as he is, is some achievement, his love for football is the same now as when he started back in 1972.

Most Intelligant – Apart from my goodself, Tom Shaw, always lets us know about his GCSE’s and A-levels!!

Quickest Player – That’s between Curtis and Deano, but i’ll have to say Deano!

The Joker – Erm, a lot of the lads think they’re quite funny, Tom Shaw and Bolty can be funny, well I say funny, unique is probably better! but i think i’ll have to say Woody who’s sarcasm is top draw!

Most Skilfull – Well i gotta say Burge for this one, although Tommo is up there but i think Burge averages about 15 megs a game!!

Biggest Moaner – Ranks can moan with the best of them, anything from the boots he wears or not having enough food on his plate(which brings his biggest moan!!)

Hard Man – Woody reckons he’s hard, cos he fights children part-time, but i think if Hopey was to lose his rag i wouldn’t like to be on the end of it!!

Best Dancer – Platty, he loves dancing to the old classics, YMCA been his favourite!

Worst Dancer– Ledge (Sam Smith) co-ordination isn’t the best, he just kinda wobbles like he’s having a fit!

Worst Dress Sense – Where do i start?? Woody definately, for someone who keeps telling us he’s worth 1.5 million, don’t think a penny has been spent on his clothes!!

Longest in the Shower – Deano can spend all day in there!

Diamond_geezer1- “Which team do you hate the most and why?”
Being a Newcastle fan, its got to be the mackems, Sunderland!

LucyRDFC – Best player i’ve played with is Andy Burgess, his ability to read the game and ability in his big size 12’s is second to none. Best I’ve played against, Wayne Rooney in a reserve match, he tore me to shreds!!!

wewantourdarbyback – “What’s your favourite moment in a Diamonds shirt?”
I’ve had a lot of good memories, but scoring in the last minute against Boston was probably my best, celebrating in front of the DeBanke was awesome!!

Irish Diamond – “Where do you see the Diamonds in 5 seasons time?”
With the facilities and people within the club i can easily see this club making it back into the league and league one! I think if you’d asked in ten years, then most definately premier league!!

Aston Diamond– For me, i think we have a couple of players that have stood out in an indifferent season, but i think Burge would be mine, he’s been outstanding alll season, but the last ten games, is the best i’ve seen him. also Tom Shaw, whos’ game has improved massively since i was last here, he has all the attributes to go higher.


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  1. diamond82 says:

    This interview still makes me smile. Thanks for rescuing it. Looks like we’ve only got 8 years left to make the prem!

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