An interview with Conal Platt

Below is an interview with (now ex-Diamond) Conal Platt.

Platt at FGR


Date of birth: October 14, 1986 (1986-10-14) (age 21)
Place of birth: Preston, England
Playing position: Forward
Squad number: 23
Former Clubs: Liverpool, Bournemouth, Morecambe and Weymouth.
Nation: Republic of Ireland

Firstly Conal, are you settled in at the club now?
Yes, I think I’m definitely settled in here, the boys are great and have made me feel really welcome.

What made you make the move from Weymouth to the Diamonds?
Just looking at the facilities and the structure of the club, it was an easy decision for me once I found out that Rushden were interested.

Have you been impressed with what you have seen so far?
Yes definitely, the players and staff are quality and have all the the makings to go up.

Who is the best player you have faced this season?
I didn’t really play against him because I was further up the field, but II’ll give it Stuart Fleetwood (Forest Green) because when I played against FG for Weymouth, he ripped our defence apart. A good player

What can the Diamonds fans look forward to as another disappointed season comes to a close?
They can look forward to how the results we get can effect the play-offs and a sign of what’s going to happen next season.

What were your personal targets before the season?
I just wanted to play to my full capability every game and to be fit.

Who is the club joker?
A few of the lads that make me laugh. Cockers (Michael Corcoran) is a funny lad, also Burgess, Shaw, Bolty and Phil Gulliver. They all have good banter to be fair which makes it easier to get on with.

Where do you see Rushden & Diamonds in 5 years time?
Prem!! There are going to be a few disappointments but we’ll make up for it with back to back promotions.

And finally, do you think your old club, Weymouth, will avoid the drop this season?
Yeh, I think that they can pull through, there are some good players down there. I’m hoping they do it.

Thanks to Conal Platt.



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