“What a crock of sh*te” – was it that bad?

An own goal, a red card and a missed penalty – the unholy trinity of incompetence that RDFC has made its own in the last few season. But was it really that bad? I can’t help but feel that  the performence (which was average) is being overshadowed by the result (which was, well, shite).



Highlights — http://www.soccerx.co.uk/Diamondsvsalisbury.htm

“A crock of shite”. “I am livid”. “I am thoroughly pissed off”. “Absolute garbage”.  “I really think we will struggle this season”. “Atrocious”. “Horrific”.

It just wouldn’t be RDFC without a crisis.

It’s not nice to lose on the opening day – the pre-season optimism is quashed and the Tuesday night trip away to York seems to look less apetising. It’s especially unpleasant when you have shelled out £13 or so which, admitedly, I hadn’t (those of you who know me can vouch that my excuse is geographically sound). 

But the nature of today’s defeat (the two goals were hardly the end result of decent Salisbury play) and the multiple chances we had suggest that even a minor change in today’s game plot could have had us singing a different tune, even if the overall performence remained the same. It’s a stupid  silly ol’ game, football.

I’ll do what I always do when I have a point but can’t illustrate it clearly enough: copy and paste from the Diamonds forum.

I thought we were superb at times today. We played crisp one-touch football to frankly tear Salisbury to pieces at times. A shocking penalty miss I agree, but those things happen, and though our finishing left something to be desired, we’ll have days like that too throughout the season. The players, howeve,r that I saw ran their socks off for the whole match and were desperate for that goal – yes, Osano for one had an off-day, but he’s still in the Conference for a reason. I was really entertained by us at times, which is why I love JE, we have good players (not great) playing football the right way. If we play like that most weeks of the season, we’ll be fine.
As for Salisbury, a lot of nonsense spoken about how bad they were. No, they will not win the league, but they will hardly be the worst side to grace Nene Park this season. Further, we made sure they had NOTHING. Think of the two goals, one a calamitous own-goal, the other a stoppage time break-away. Any chances were on our own doing really as we chased the game, we were rock solid at the back in terms of dealing with what they had to offer in a normal game.
Remember, Stevenage lost 5-1 on the opening day last year and Torquay were WOEFUL for a prolonged period. Both turned it right around. All is not lost, so how about we stop the flaming moaning, appreciate an unlucky display of attacking football with plenty to work before York (offsides, finishing) and just stop being so unbelievably, world-endingly negative!



Hear hear. Keep the faith. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t express your worries, and that you should blindly pay £13 every other Saturday. I just think that we should wait until at least the end of the month before we announce the Armagedon.


One Response to “What a crock of sh*te” – was it that bad?

  1. name says:

    Of course it wasn’t that bad. It’s just that many RDFC fans can’t make an honest, balanced assessment of a defeat (or to put it simply, are…”bad losers”).

    Just out of interest, which poster wrote the paragraph you’ve copy-and-pasted?

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