Bet on it

Betting advice for the flutter-friendly Diamonds fan. Just a little something to occupy you until Saturday week.

Diamonds to get promoted? Odds range from 10/1 to 16/1. Those odds don’t look too bad at all, certainly worth a tenner.

Lee Tomlin to (grow up and) become the league’s top-goalscorer? 66/1. Sam Smith is also 66/1, while Craig Farrell and Aaron O’Connor are both 40/1.

Rankine is 40/1. Someone, somewhere has messed up.

Rushden to make the play-offs? 4/1. …and to win the league? Odds range from 19/1 ( to 39/1 (Betfair). The bookies’ favourites are (unsurprisingly) Lutontoobigforthisleague FC and Oxford.


One Response to Bet on it

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