The curious case of Corby Town FC

The following comment was posted on the Corby Town FC messageboard the day before their 2-2 pre-season draw with us:

i do hope we get another pre-season scalp from this bumpkin county we seem to find ourselves situated in, we have moved upto being one of the major teams of northants but rather than just settle for that its time to command and conquer, this land shall be ours.


Rockingham Triangle

Rockingham Triangle

What is perhaps even more striking than the grammatical incorrectness and the apparent hatred of Northamptonshire in this comment is the fan’s obvious ambition. You see, the Steelmen are confident. The Steelmen are expectant. The Steelmen are ready, and seemingly capable of joining us in the BSP in twelve months’ time.

Whereas just four years ago they were playing in front of double-digit crowds against teams like (the wonderfully named) Mangotsfield United and Swindon Supermarine, this season they will be competing in the Conference North, against the reletive heavyweights of AFC Telford and Northwich Victoria. The (ahem) big time.

Seperated from the pitch at their stadium by ten lanes of running track and a few metres of concrete, despite the grim surroundings the fans’ outlook on the future of CTFC is very, very bright. A brief scan of their forum shows an ambition (and, perhaps, and arrogance) backed by those that run the club. A new stadium is being planned, being built to Conference National standard, a testement to their ambition. On the pitch, too, CTFC have been building, acquiring, above all, Chris Hope, a rock in defence as the Diamonds can surely testify, as well as (earlier) Phil Gulliver, whose arrival sparked a 520-minute spell without conceding a goal.

Crowds are rising (750 fans for our recent game with them, even considering the local aspect, is an achievement) and bookies’ odds are shortening (7/1 for promotion, shorter than Harrogate and Northwich, to name two). Don’t bet against seeing them at Nene Park for a league fixture in twelve months’ time.

What effect would a Corby-inclusive BSP have on our club? Would people be drawn away from the comfort of Nene Park to a town currently in the news for toxic waste contamination? Probably not. Would Kettering fans be tempted? Undoubtedly. When Kettering’s first-season bubble bursts and if success continues at Corby, don’t be surprised if the A6003 gets a little bit more traffic every other Saturday.

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9 Responses to The curious case of Corby Town FC

  1. BartonRaz says:

    I would like to see them get promoted this season, but i highly doubt it will happen. I’m not sure when the new stadium will be built but i’d bet a fair amount that their current stadium wouldn’t be allowed in.

    Thats secondary to the fact i don’t think they have the players to do it.

  2. Jock Brown says:

    2 seasons and we’ll be above you lot in the BS. The future is Corby Town.

  3. RDFC Fans Blog says:

    Corby won their first game of the season 3-0, if anyone is interested.

  4. Jock Brown says:

    Just 5 places behind you now in the Conference pyramid. I tell you, we’re on your tails and will soon overtake you. The future is Corby Town.

  5. RDFC Fans Blog says:

    Are you Ted in disguise?

  6. name says:

    I thought this post was going to be about Corby signing four players in the the summer then releasing them again, before you can say “budget cut”.

  7. Jock Brown says:

    C’mon u steelmen !!!! I told you the future’s Corby Town.

  8. Jock Brown says:

    Went to watch you lot last might. Play like you did in the first half and we’d have murdered you.Give credit where credit’s due though, a much better second half performance.I must say a terrible attendance last night, I don’t know how you’re going to survive if this doesn’t improve.Finally, what’s with the double programme? Are things that tight financially that you can’t afford to produce a programme for each match ? The future is Coby Town!

  9. steeceVep says:

    I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep up making such exciting posts!

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