Simeon Jackson update

As reported earlier on the blog ex-Diamond Simeon Jackson spent  the better part of the first half of June on international duty with the full Canadian side in the CONCACAF Gold Cup – North and Central America’s equivilant of the Eureopean Championship. However, with a defeat against Hondoras on Friday, plucky Canada (who were not expected to progress past the group stages) fell in the quarter-finals.

Click for a closer look...

Click for a closer look...

While just a couple of seasons ago Simeon was playing against Woking and Weymouth, the striker has enjoyed roughly 135 minutes of football at the cup, in front of huge crowds at stadium’s such as Columbus Crew Stadium and Linoln Financial Field.

Columbus Crew Stadium

Columbus Crew Stadium

The huge Lincoln Financial Field

The huge Lincoln Financial Field

 While Simeon didn’t score on tour, the time in the international limelight can only be good for his status – and value. Jackson was recently linked with a £1.5m deal bringing him to Leicester. A deal of such financial magnitude would be great for the Diamonds, and we would get 20% of the profit.

With Jackson now set to return to the Gills (and League 1 football) we wish him the best of luck in a career that we all want him to succeed in – not just for our subsequent financial benefits but because it is always nice to see an ex-Diamond do well, especially a player that gave everyone at Rushden a lot of good memories.


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