Live post versus Barnstable

Following a period of heavy rain the SWCC has been ravenged by match cancellations.  Fortunately the game between Rushden and Barnstable is to go ahead as planned.

Heavy rain has fallen in Devon, with games at Appledore and Bideford being cancelled.

Other teams were not as lucky. The matches between Eastleigh and Exeter and Wycombe and Luton were cancelled, meaning that qualification to the semi-finals will be decided by the Group A and Group C tables as they stand. In other words, despite playing just one game each, Wycombe and Eastleigh have been eliminated from the competition. Had Rushden’s game today been postponed they would have faced the same fate.

Two teams have already qualified for the semi-finals:

  1. Luton have reached the last four after playing just one game – a 3-0 win over Bideford.
  2. Exeter have also qualified, again playing just one game. They put four goals past Ilfracombe.

This post is a LIVE post – it will be updated throughout the night with updates from the Diamonds game (as well as the other game tonight, between Grimsby and Yeovil – the winner will be Rushden’s semi-f opponenets, should they qualify), as well as some match photos.

8.00 pm At half-time in their game, Grimsby are leading Yeovil 1-0. Our game is due to kick off any moment now. Not sure if there is any radio coverage or way to keep up to date with scores other than through people at the game. Hopefully some photos are on their way.

8.05 pm Grimsby are now leading 2-0. Looks like, if we do progress, it’s them who we will be meeting in the semi-finals.

8.10 pm …or not. It’s 2-1 now. Still no word from our game.

8.40 pm Yeovil have equalised! 2-2. Their game looks set to go to pens. Still no word from our game.

8.42 pm Again, I spoke too soon. Grimsby have snatched a late winner to win their game 3-2. If we do get through (and, with the score 0-0, apparently, at the moment, it may not be as easy a feat as once thought), we will have to beat  the Mariners to get to the final.

9.20 pm After close to an hour in the dark, word finally comes through about the game, and it is good news. Sam Smith and Farrell have put the Diamonds 2-0 up and, surely, into the semi-finals.

9.30 pm And it is 3-0 to the Diamonds, with O’Connor scoring the goals that puts any potential Barnstable comeback surely beyond them. Into the semi-finals we go, with our next game tomorrow against Grimsby Town at 5pm.

 9.45 pm 3-1 full-time.Tune in again tomorrow at 5pm for our semi-final clash with Grimsby Town. Hi ho.


One Response to Live post versus Barnstable

  1. Formic says:

    Not sure where you got the info that we would have been sent home if the game hadn’t been played. In fact we would have gone through, as we beat Blackpool in the key game.

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