It was a scary few days alright. Regardless, we have come out the otherside apparently unscathed. A statement released just minutes ago on our official site has announced that the winding-up order which threatened our club has been withdrawn.

Just a short note here – no real analysis. As Helen Thompson said in the statement, it is really time to look forward, and not back. Onwards and upwards. Roll on Devon, roll on August.


Also, thanks to those who have taken to commenting on, and rating the last few posts, and who have begun to regularly visit the site (1100 visits  since Tuesday!) – a statement of the site’s renaissanse, and its new interactive nature. Cheers.


4 Responses to Phew!

  1. Formic says:

    Note that the website article goes a bit further – stating that a settlement has been reached with HMRC.

  2. Ted says:

    I hear that the Inland Revenue have accepted a monthly installment of a pound of Carrots, two bags of Onions and a Swede. 🙂

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