Stuart versus Farrell

The Diamonds’ 2009-2010 campaign gets underway today, in the quiet location of Rothwell Town FC’s Cecil Street. (Match preview here). Potentially, it will be the first time RDFC fans will see new signings Porter, Farrell, Pattison, O’Connor and Stuart in action. Two of the afore-mentioned players feature in the below YouTube link – one fares better than the other.

Craig Farrell, signed this summer for the Diamonds, scores for York after being taken down by Jamie Stuart, signed this summer for the Diamonds, then playing for Grays. Stuart is affectionately called “thug”.

If you can’t view the video below, you can watch it here:


8 Responses to Stuart versus Farrell

  1. Anonymous says:

    Farrell to be top-scorer FACT

  2. Formic says:

    I think ID has done a great job with his blog, and found some excellent videos, but what made him think that giving headline coverage to this “video” was a good idea is beyond me. If anyone can spot who is featured without the benefit of the captions they are a real expert.

    We need to be supportive of new Diamonds players when they arrive, and assess them for ourselves, not resorting to other people opinions before he’s pulled on a Diamonds shirt in a first-team game.

  3. RDFC Fans Blog says:

    To be honest I didn’t post it as a put-down or a dig at Stuart. I was pleased when we signed him because when he was rumoured to be on our wanted list I read into him a bit and most of the feedback was positive. He seems like an excellent replacement to Hope, a real warrior, and that’s what we need at the moment.

    I only put it up because it coincidentally featured two of our new players. I mentioned the “thug” reference as a bit of fun. I probably should’ve thought it through a bit more.

    People are mature enough to make up their own minds though.

  4. Formic says:

    Your last line is the key – and the reason why there is no need to lead them towards an initial opinion.

    Anyway, keep up the good work – I’m impressed by your prose – especially the words on the winding up issue – but as a budding journo you should challenge Ted to produce evidence / sources for his comments (I wasn’t even aware the club had two directors other than KC – Lee Power was involved, but he went a while ago, and KC indicated the money was all coming out of his pocket at the last FF.

    • Ted says:

      You really need to brush up on your knowledge of your club.The fact is, R&D have had twenty, yes twenty, directors resign in the last six years.Now,that ain’t normal! By the way, all of this information is available for a nominal fee from Companies House.

  5. RDFC Fans Blog says:

    I agree with not taking Ted’s words as gospel – however he is not the only person who has told me so (about the directors). It doesn’t look good at the moment… we’ll just have to ride it out.

  6. Formic says:

    I agree about the “riding out” – I’ve been getting positive vibes via my contacts. The director thing might even be clearing the decks for new outside investment.

  7. RushdenTilliDie says:

    that’s a better version of the farrell/stuart incident, and jamie actually got the ball, also the grays goal scorer is Aaron o’conner, so two of our new strikers get on the score sheet in the same vid – lovely stuff!

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