RDFC Blog - hibernating

RDFC Blog - hibernating

Just like the cyberspace brown bear that we are, RDFC Blog will be hibernating for a few weeks. The site will be back up in time for pre-season, and our inevitable unbeaten return to the Football League. I will now drift off to sleep, safe in the knowledge that Michael Rankine is with us for another season at least. Sweet dreams…


7 Responses to Hibernation

  1. name says:


    Change transfer status drop-down menu to “open to offer”

  2. name says:

    Told you!

  3. Ted says:

    As I’ve been ruthlessly and unfairly excluded from the Rushden forum, I’m unable to post my news on there.Threrefore,I am pleased to inform you through this medium, that a windinding up order against your club will be heard on July 15th.

    Best wishes Ted.

  4. rdfcfansblog says:

    Don’t worry Ted, news has got through. Will you be crossing days off the calender until the day?

  5. Ted says:

    I see that the ‘voice’ of R&D has finally acknowledged that there is a serious debt problem.It never ceases to amaze me how much ‘burying of head in sand’ occurs evrytime there is a disaster looming at Nene Park.I also chuckled at Dolly saying about the stadium facilities costing too much,then another day she’ll say how great it is to have the facilities.Griggs built a huge white elephant at Nene Patk, but nobody liked me pointing it out.However, once again King Ted has been proved right.

  6. Ted says:

    By the way Irish.Do you not think that it’s about time that the members of the Rushden Foum were told about the two directors (names removed by editor) that resigned from R&D yesterday? Rats leaving a sinking ship hey.

  7. RDFC Fans Blog says:

    That’s interesting news, Ted – I was unaware.

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