Salisbury match


For the second time in just under two weeks, Rushden and Salisbury go head to head. The visitors have not lost in 11 games, conceding just four goals in that time (compared to Rushden’s fourteen conceded goals in the same period). Goal difference is all that seperates the teams in the division. However, despite these contrasting runs of recent form, Salisbury have never beaten Rushden.

A hello to our Salisbury viewers 😉
NP ahead of todays game.

NP ahead of today's game.

Rushden team:

19 Dale Roberts   James Bittner 23
21 Jake Beecroft   Jonathan Bass 2
8 Kurt Robinson   Luke Ruddick 26
5 Chris Hope   Michael Brough 5
6 Simon Downer   Djoumin Sangare 17
12 Neil Cousins   Ian Herring (Capt) 12
11 Andy Burgess (Capt)   Brian Dutton 16
17 Rob Wolleaston   Darrell Clarke 15
23 Marcus Kelly   Sean Clohessy 20
15 Lee Tomlin   Daniel Webb 28
14 Michael Rankine   Charlie Griffin 18
  Subs   Subs  
4 Nicky McNamara   Charles Ademeno 27
25 Sam Smith   Patrick Cox 25
27 Lewis Hilliard   Neil Martin 29
16 Josh Ford   Matt Tubbs 10
20 Jamie McGuinness   Michael Fowler 29

14:45 Not long until kick-off. Radio Diamonds ( is playing “Brown Eyed Girl”. Very nice 😉

14:52 Andy Burgess just urged us to stay tuned to Radio Diamonds.

15:00 KO.

15:15 Sounds like a good enough crowd there today, with a kids’ special of some sort, as well as the nice weather.

Match action.

Match action.


15:30 Kettering are losing 🙂

15:33 Hope scores to put the Diamonds ahead!

Rushden go 1-0 up.

Rushden go 1-0 up.

2-0 Neil Cousins gets his first goal for the club.

Cousins taps in to put Rushdne 2-0 up

Cousins taps in to put Rushdne 2-0 up

The players, lead by opening scorer Hope, leave the pitch at HT.

The players, lead by opening scorer Hope, leave the pitch at HT.


Burge delivers a second-half corner

Burge delivers a second-half corner




 Despite a late surge from Salisbury, Rushden extended their unbeaten run against the visitors to six games, as well as consolidating their position as 11th in the table. Kettering losing, and, subsequently, almost definitely saying goodbye to their promotion hopes, was just the icing on the cake.

Att. 1352 (away:100)

Was a win deserved? Got any match photos? How was the atmosphere? Comment below.



One Response to Salisbury match

  1. diamond_geezer1 says:

    think overall we deserved the win, although I would have liked to have seen us pushing for a third goal.
    Salisbury were cheats, not as bad as Poxford were, but they went down a few times over nothing.
    Quality chant towards the opposition keeper, and nice to see he saw the funny side of it! 🙂

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