Salisbury vs. Rushden

Salisbury City V Rushden & Diamonds


23 James Bittner   Dale Roberts 19
20 Sean Clohessy   Curtis Osano 2
26 Luke Ruddick   Kurt Robinson 8
5 Michael Brough   Chris Hope 5
17 Djoumin Sangare   Michael Corcoran 24
12 Ian Herring (Capt)   Andy Burgess (Capt) 11
16 Brian Dutton   Rob Wolleaston 17
15 Darrell Clarke   Jake Beecroft 21
14 Jonathan Davies   Marcus Kelly 23
28 Daniel Webb   Michael Rankine 14
18 Charlie Griffin   Lee Tomlin 15
  Subs   Subs  
13 Tommy Widdrington   Chris Arthur 16
25 Patrick Cox   Jamie McGuinness 20
29 Neil Martin   Sam Smith 25
2 Jonathan Bass   Gareth Jelleyman 3
1 Grant Porter   Neil Cousins 12
Flying high.

Flying high.

The teams emerge

Rushden celebrate after going ahead.

After 35 minutes Rushden more than deserve their 1-0 lead. Match commentary is available at Radio Northants.

Match action

Match action


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