A plea to the club…

Pretty, pretty please!

What we need are these two young(ish!), driven, ambitious men in charge. Crowds would grow, interest would rise, the atmosphere at NP with these two legends in charge would be electric. Take a look at Darby’s reaction after scoring his goal in the second link (below). This is a player who truly loves this club.

Yes, it would be a risk, but the fans would be 100% behind you. It’s a risk we need to take.

They weren’t bad players, either!




One Response to A plea to the club…

  1. name says:

    LOL! Barry Hunter all over again. How did DD get on as manager of Bromsgrove?

    Crowds would plummet if we were in relegation trouble. FACT.

    We need to risk the drop? I think not!

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