Credit where credit is due

Garry Hill, talking to 30 or so fans after todays game.

Garry Hill, talking to 30 or so fans after today's game.

In recent days the mood towards Garry Hill has been hostile, to say the least.  However, the last-minute goal, and the fact that GH took the time to talk to fans after the game today (above), may signal an end to the recent outburst of anger, if only temporarily.

GH had alot to shed while talking to the fans:

*He now understands the problems the fans have with Woody, and his captaincy. Woodhouse is on his way to Mansfield

*Phillips has been sold; details tomorrow

*He isn’t going anywhere – “I know it, and you know it”.

*Knight was late on several occasions, including the Evesham game.

*Dean McDonald took relocation money, but then wouldn’t move.

*He agrees that Roget was awful… (!)

*He apologised for his “pathetic idiots” jibe.

*He still believes we can make the play-offs.

*New players will be coming in this month, although we will have to be careful, financially.

*We are a selling club.

I, for one, am really impressed with this move. Yeah, it wasn’t as dramatic as Phil Brown’s HT team-talk, but he talked one-on-one with fans, and answered some questions that have been hanging over the club. Next up is a triplet of away days, two in the league and one in the FA Trophy. We’ll see how public opinion towards GH progresses until our next home game, on the 24th.


2 Responses to Credit where credit is due

  1. name says:

    Did the fans apologise for giving up on the team at 1-0 down?

  2. Ted says:

    You only have to look at the Poppies achievements to see that having a good manager makes all the difference. You can have the best facilities, the best players and the best chandeliah. However, if you have a crap manager, you will fail. I cannot believe the amount of players that have been used by the Diamonds this season, but Hill’s still no nearer to finding a settled side. There’s no doubt that Hill was given the finances to “have a real go” this season, but he’s virtually wasted every penny.Talk of the Championship has never been replaced by a VERY outside chance of a Playoff place, and that simply ain’t good enough concidering the investment that Hill received. In all honesty, you have to blame the person who’s financing the whole operation, and we all know who’s brother that is.

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