‘Boro match photos

The Boro coach outside NP.

The 'Boro coach outside NP.

Radio commentary: http://www.radiodiamonds1503am.co.uk/home.html

2:55 Not long until KO. Six fairly radical team changes (by GH’s standards) since the SB game on Boxing Day, highlighted by Wolly being dropped to the bench. New player Downer starts, while Neil Cousins also earns a starting position. Corcy returns, Beeky starts, as does Bolasie.

An interesting side-story to this game will be whether or not the RDFC fans make their voices heard. I guess we’ll know soon enough…

3:02 The home terrace, according to the radio men, is looking fuller than usual. About “three or four hundred” ‘Boro fans here, too. The first +1800 crowd since August, possibly?

3:08 Rushden effort cleared off the line!

3:09 Tomlin has the Diamonds’ next chance, shooting just wide.

3:10 ‘Boro go close, Downer clears… Rushden go close, ‘Boro clear…

3:13 Rushden effort again cleared off line. Corner. Another corner.

3:17 “Rushden never seem to score in the first 10 minutes”, says Bruce out American commentator. True: not once in any of our last 20 games have we scored in the opening ten…

Burge looks on with other players, says our photographer.

"Burge looks on with other players", says our photographer.

0-1 to Stevenage, 3:35 . That man Steve Morrison.

3:36 ‘Boro hit the bar (below)

3:41 ‘Boro go close again. Gawd.

Away fans.

Away fans.

Half time.

Half time.

Half-time. 45 minutes into what 2009 has to offer, and all it seems is more of the same. The Radio Diamonds have a sick sense of humour, as “Don’t Stop Me Know” by Queen offers half-time entertainment.

The players re-emerge

The players re-emerge

The 2nd half KOs as the mist comes in.

The 2nd half KOs as the mist comes in.

Mr. Hill.

Mr. Hill.

4:09 Rushden just miss.

4:11 Rushden fans making a bit of noise.

Rushden go close.

Rushden go close.

Att 1853 away 356:

4:38 Rushden have a triplet of great chances.

4:44 Twice in quick succession Sam Smith hits the crossbar.

4:46 “Oh, it’s a goal!” screams the commentators. It’s not a goal.

4:50 Crowd react to the announcement that Ranks is MotM with cries of anger.

4:54 I scarcely want to believe it – Rushden and Diamonds 1-1 Stevenage. Either Smith or Tomlin, nobody knows, and nobody cares.

Goal! A thoroughly deserved draw.

Goal! A thoroughly deserved draw.

It was Sam Smith 🙂 Rushden remain in 8th place, 7 points from the play-offs.


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  1. Alan Atkins says:

    Many Thanks for the Pics.
    Happy New Year.
    Boro Fan in France,

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