“Hill Out” posters at next game… get to work!

At the next game (against Stevenage, on New Years day), fans will be bringing “Hill Out” posters to demonstrate their discontent with the current management at NP. Please, please do the following to help Garry Hill realise the “minority” is, in fact, an overwhelming majority:

* Go to Powerpoint. It is literally just a few clicks away.

* Make a “Hill Out” poster. I find font 250 works best!

* Print out as many as you can afford to: 10, 20, 30….

* Hand them out to those around you at the game. Bonus points if you can hit the man himself with a paper airplane (RDFC Fans’ Blog does not condone violence etc.)

However, while it is important to make Hill and co. realise our disgust, do not boo our own players – ultimately we are pro-Rushden and anti-Hill, in that order.


One Response to “Hill Out” posters at next game… get to work!

  1. name says:

    It was a shame the fans forgot they weren’t supposed to boo their own players, wasn’t it.

    Have you got any pictures of the hundreds of posters being held up?

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