“Pathetic idiots” – an open letter to Garry Hill.

Irony, anyone?

Irony, anyone?

Garry Hill, on Radio Northants  earlier this afternoon- “I am not going to let a couple of idiots who boo upset me – they’re pathetic”

Dear Mr. Garry Hill,

Re: your comments voiced earlier today on Radio Northamptonshire (above).

This “pathetic” bunch of people are folk who have forgone a festive day of relaxing with the family to stand freezing on a terrace watching “inept, disgraceful, embaressing football” (to quote one fan). They spent money to get to, and into, the ground, and have every right to voice their concerns, even through booing. It’s a cliche, but if someone paid good money (shall we say £15 for adults?) to go to a theatre and watch a play, they could be forgiven for feeling let down if the actors were disorganised, un-entertaining and seemed to lack passion, or even give a damn. These paying customers could be forgiven for not wanting to return – yet your customers, the people you have remarkably criticised, who pay your wages, more or less, come week-in-week-out.

These “idiots”, Mr. Hill, did not number “a couple”. Even 200 miles away, listening to a fuzzy local radio station, while watching the US Office in another internet window with one eye, I could pick up the few hundred Rushden fans chanting for your dismissal. Indeed, the commentators were so impressed by the chants’ volume and distinctivity that they spent some time discussing them. So at least have the humility to address the people in person, instead of trying to pass them off as a minority. Have a look at the Rushden and Diamonds fans’ messageboard, will you? Take a peek at the message titles: “Disgrace” … “Enough is enough” … “Garry and Co, Please Go!” … Belive me, it is not the minority that has a problem. The fact that there is a Facebook group campaigning for your replacement should also be something of a clue.

“Pathetic idiots” – this coming from a grown man who headbutted another. This point needs no further explanation.

In case you have not yet got the message, here are a few extracts from comments on the forum (edited heavily – this is a family website):

“Usually when a manager turns on the fans he is on the way out. We can only hope…”

Let me tell you something Garry…..you keep calling on us to do our bit and support the team. We are doing our bit – we turn up week in, week out, spend our hard-earned cash to support the team, the club and watch entertaining football.
When are YOU going to start keeping your end of the deal ’cause the way it’s going, there won’t be many of us left if you carry on making insulting comments like that. Not impressed…..not impressed at all. We are your bread and butter, you’d be better off trying to keep us on your side.”

[Flip] OFF YOU [silly] BALD [man]. [Feck] it, get out of our county, never come near Northamptonshire again unless it’s to manage Kettering Town. You have no right to comment on the loyal fans who froze there collective arses off today to support their team, and gave it a good go until enough was enough and we were [fecked]. You cannot manage and are doing a bloody good job of proving that to us, you also appear to have the mental capacity of a dead rabbit that’s been run over by a bus before being eaten by a dog and [pooped] out onto the terrace at the rockinghorse to support the scum. You cannot communicate and if you think that calling us pathetic is a good idea then you really have shown your true colours.[Undesireable], and I never use that word lightly.”


Rushden and Diamonds fans. Ho ho ho.


2 Responses to “Pathetic idiots” – an open letter to Garry Hill.

  1. BartonRaz says:


  2. Ted says:

    I’ve just got back from a short break in Spain, therefore, I’ve only just found out about the latest scandalous behaviour from a member of R&D’s staff. I think it must now be plainly obvious, even to the most deluded dimwit, that Hill is more than a managerial member of staff. He assaulted a fellow professional, is embarrassingly poor in communication. he calls the fans pathetic idiots and he’s blown all the money that was naively given him to spend in order to get the Diamonds promoted. I actually have some sympathy for the fans who want him out, but I think all the protests are in vain. If Hill goes, so do the Diamonds!

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