The Terras’ views.

A couple of comments from the Weymouth fans’ messageboard…

In the realms of ‘unjust scorelines’, this game will surely rank somewhere near the top of the scale.
I can’t believe that we have got nothing from a game, which could easily have been 3-1, or even 4-1, in our favour.

To me it looked like a Cup Tie where the plucky minnows (Rushden) overcame the team two leagues above them (Us). Rushden were very ordinary, Gary Hills style is just getting worse, I’m not surprised that their fans aren’t happy.

Nonetheless after the win Rushden overtake Weymouth and move into the top-10 of thw BSP. They are now just four points off the play-offs (although admitedly with a game in hand), and just eight points off the top (no game in hand here). Rushden’s next game is against Rothwell Corinthians in the Hillier Cup. After that they face Kidderminster in the league.


4 Responses to The Terras’ views.

  1. I can feel the earth begin to move I hear my needle hit the groove says:

    Where’s the forum gone? I want to vent my spleen dag nab it!

  2. Turveyman says:

    The words “grapes” and “sour” spring to mind.

  3. andyrdfc says:

    wer r 4rums g0n3??!!?1

  4. rdfcfansblog says:

    Open again. Don’t know why it was closed.

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