Weymouth match

Just enough time for some more reminiscing.

Just enough time for some more reminiscing.

Weymouth arrive.

Weymouth arrive.

3:02 The match is prefixed by a minute’s silence.
3:03 New boys Clayton Fortune and Luke Boden are starting, as is Rankine, while Sam Smith starts on the bench.
3:04 Turns out GH has decided to turn up today. Just for a change.
3:14 Check out live match commentary here: http://www.radiodiamonds1503am.co.uk/home.html Some interviews to download, too. Good stuff, Radio D!
3:17 “Another sparce crowd. We might hit a thousand…” – Radio man.
3:20 Want to hear Sting and a Mr. Edin Karamazov  play “Message in a Bottle” on the lute? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7714391.stm Your welcome.

~25 Terras fans.

~25 Terras fans.

3:30 Evesham “the straw that broke…” United are currently 1-0 down in the 1st round proper of the FA Cup (against Torquay).

A patchy looking PDB

A patchy looking PDB

Half time, 0-0

4:07 Lowest attendance in 14 years… only just breaking the 1000 mark.

4:09 First chance of the game falls to Marcus Kelly, whose good shot is saved.

The Beckham flag

The "Beckham flag"

4:14 Nearly 400 minutes without a Rushden goal comes to an end as Daryl Clare puts RDFC in front. Some good Osano attacking created a corner, from which a Hope header was palmed into Clare’s path. The two Radio D commentators, both under the impression that they are the lead anchors, struggle to make themselves heard over the other’s shouting. 1-0.

Hopes header from the corner, which lead to the goal.

Hope's header from the corner, which lead to the goal.

4:35 Radio D has gone barmy.

5:00 Full time. Thanks God. Up to 10th, now just 7 points off the play-offs.


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