Cambridge match

The club coach is spotted from a pub garden.

The club coach is spotted from a pub garden.

Crisis? What crisis? It’s Saturday, and we have a match to play.

If anyone is going to be pleased with the recent turn of events at the club, it is Sam Smith. He starts up front alongside Daryl Clare. Also pleased will be youth-teamers Jake Beecroft, Lewis Hilliard, Aynsley McDonald, who have been promoted to the substitutes bench. Of the eight transfer-listed players, Burgess and Woody will be playing today, whilst the remaining six –  Knight, Phillips, Gully, Tomlin, Burton and McDonald – are not on today’s match squad.

What atmosphere will there have been on the short drive to Cambridge?

What atmosphere will there have been on the short drive to Cambridge?

Warming up.

Warming up.



Rushden fans watch on as KO approaches.

Rushden fans watch on as KO approaches.

Pride. Amber Army.

"Pride. Amber Army".

Kick off.

Kick off.

3:05 pm Corcoran booked within four minutes.

Apparently Joe Willox of Scunthorpe will be spending a week at Nene Park on trial. According to his player profile thing on the Scunny site, he is “ a young right-sided player tipped to have a big future ahead of him. He signed a professional contract in the summer of 2006, and penned an extension a year later.” He will be spending time here with view to a loan move. He has no senior appearences for Scunthorpe.


Joe Willox. Photo from Scunthorpe site 🙂






















3:09 pm CU have the early possesion. A “smattering” of Rushden fans made the trip up. “Perhaps the away support is showing signs of the horrible FA Cup defeat blah blah blah” says the radio man. United go close to scoring.

3:15pm Chris Hope prevents Rushden from going ahead, getting hurt in the process. A stretcher is called for but the Iron Man rises to his feet unaided. Beesley, the CU player also injured in the collison, is substituted.

The clash.

Hope vs. Beesley.



3:23 pm After the injury the game has become slightly disjointed.

3:27 pm A few nervy moments as CU send in a number of dangerous crosses.

I needed to post this up! It was on the Rushden forum.














“Prediction for tomorrow. There will be 150 Diamonds fans, a number of them drunk and calling for Hills head. Clare will be warming the bench making way for Tomlin to come in.
First Half.
Diamonds will go 1-0 down after 30 seconds after a defensive mix up between Hope, Osano, and Marriott. Diamonds will once again rely on the long ball pumping it time and again aimlessly to Tomlin. Just before half time Cambridge will score again after Woodhouse miss times a tackle to give away a free kick.
Half Time 2-0
The whole of the interval is taken up by moaning and gloomy predictions from the travelling fans.
Second Half
The second half starts just as bad as the first with Cambridge coming close on numerous occasions hitting the woodwork twice. On 82 minutes Hill will at last sub Tomlin for Clare who with his first touch of the ball sends the defender the wrong way and blast in from outside the area. Diamonds fans not quite knowing whether to carry on demonstrating or start cheering stand shocked. Diamond rally as for the first time in the game Cambridge are on the back foot. On 90 minutes Cambridge think that they have done enough to secure the win when the ref adds 4 minutes on mainly for time wasting. Diamonds fans start to leave the ground. Then with two minutes left in front of the remaining Diamonds fans Smith is up ended in the box, Diamonds have a penalty. To everyone’s amazement Garry Hill runs onto the pitch and snatches the ball away from Daryl Clare places it on the spot, taking only a short run up he smashes the ball into the top left hand corner of the goal giving the keeper no chance at all.
The Game ends 2-2 and Hill celebrates in front of the fans by pulling his shirt over his head and diving into the crowd. He is discharged from hospital on Sunday morning. “
3:30 pm “It’s all gone rather quiet here”.
3:33 pm Just as I say that, the crowd wakes up. Roberts palms away Challinor’s shot.
3:34 pm After JC gets away without a booking from a bad challenge, Garry Hill gets involved with the 4th official. The crowd noice audibily rises, with jeers (from both sets of fans, probably).
3:50 pm 0-0 at half time. Not to be sniffed at.
3:55 pm You may be pleased to hear that Kettering are down to ten men.









Osano... woaaah!

Osano... woaaah!

4:15 pm A second yellow card for the Diamonds, with Moloney getting booked for a lunging tackle. The resulting freekick causes soem danger, but the end result flies over the bar.

4:17 pm 220 Rushden fans made the trip. “Rushden are being stretched.”

A Rushden attack breaks down.

A Rushden attack breaks down.

4:20 pm “It’s the Rushden fans making all the noise”.

4:25 pm The radio commentator picks out the Rushden banners. Once reading “16 years”, the other, obscured, reading “Diamonds are…” The radio men cannot for the life of them guess what the last word is.

4:32 pm “Incredibly he’s put it wide. Easier to score.” Daryl Clare puts it wide. Aggghhh…

4:37 pm Incredibly… Rory Delap 2-0 Arsenal. Yeah, it’s nothing to do with RDFC, but still…

4:38 pm  An Andy Burgess 30-yarder is palmed away for a corner. Some sustained RDFC pressure.

4:50 pm United get the ball in the net but thankfully it was offside, and thankfuly, the commentator had already pointed this out to the listeners. Phew.

4:54 pm 0-0 full time. A great result, considering. Ona  totally unrelated note, Kettering have lost at home to Weymouth. Weymouth. Rushden remain in the top half after the result. First clean sheet in four games, too.


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  1. Rushden fan says:

    A great performance by the boys. Couldn’t fault the effort.

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