Apocalypse Now

So – it’s official: we’re going down the toilet. Eight players transfer listed (Burge, Gully, Tomlin, Leon Knight – but, then again, this lad’s been here forever, it’s time for him to move on anyway – Lee Phillips, Curtis Woodhouse, Burton and McDonald), and GH still in charge. “In a Nene Park minute”, as Don Henley once should have sung, “everything can change”. God knows what’ll have happened this time next week, never mind this time tomorrow.

Micharl Rankine as Knight in shining armour to the rescue

Michael Rankine as "Knight in shining armour to the rescue"

Lee Phillips as Dennis the Menace, tranfer-listed for, apparently, pulling a prank.

Lee Phillips as "Dennis the Menace", tranfer-listed for, apparently, pulling a prank.

With The man who wouldnt feck off, as himself.

With "The man who wouldn't feck off", as himself.


5 Responses to Apocalypse Now

  1. name says:

    Is that the best you could do?

    My advice to the author of this blog, and to most Rushden fans: wind yer neck in.

  2. name says:

    Although to be fair you didn’t say “the club is dying”, possibly the most over-used phrase among the fanbase

  3. I can feel the earth begin to move I hear my needle hit the groove says:

    I like the bit about Ranks being our knight in shining armour. Sehr good.

  4. Ted says:

    I actually applaud this blog and its author. While other morons are once again deluding themselves that nothing is wrong, it’s very refreshing to witness a Diamonds fan who accepts the current situation for what it is. Well done Irish Diamond!

  5. rdfcfansblog says:

    “Name” – it was a rush job, admitedly. 😉

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