FA Cup!

The local - an omen?

The local - an omen?

The pitch (GH to the right)

The pitch (GH to the right)



The team sheet.

The team sheet.

Evesham have never qualified for the 1st round proper of the FA Cup. Leon Knight finds himself relegated to the bench, alongside Beecroft, SS, Kelly, Wolly and Gully. New man Brendan Moloney makes his RDFC debut.

More photos will be uploaded as and when we get them.

3: 00 pm Rushden kick off.

3:04 pm Lee Tomlin has the first chance of the game, but his shot goes “well wide.”

3:06 pm Burge “beautifully beats his man three times” before crossing in for Clare, whose efforts skims just wide.

3:16 pm A quarter of an hour gone, and RDFC are on top. In other games, Woking are 2-0 up against Ebbsfleet, and cambridge are leading Boston away form home.

3:20 pm Evesham are leading. Of course they are.

Evesham fans celebrate. Osano og, according to the photographer.

Evesham fans celebrate. "Osano og", according to the photographer.

3:30 pm Evesham getting more into the game.

3:40 pm “You wouldn’t know which team is playing in which division” – radio man.

3:43 pm “The best effort so far for Rushden and Diamond”, as Burge shoots just wide.

3:44 pm “A brilliant one-handed save” denies Daryl Clare. It’s kept the game at 1-0.

Sorry, no coverage for second half.


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