Hill out…

Ahem. Some 65% of Rushden fans who partook in an online survey (link) feel that Garry Hill should leave the club. Below are a selection of comments…

“I can’t see him being sacked unless we start to really struggle, but there is no way we’re going up with him in charge. HILL OUT!”

“things could and have been a lot worse. yes ok we are prob not going to win the league this season but we are in a better position now than we have been for years. we have a good bunch of players that have been attracted to the club and are now wearing the badge, hill has to take some of the credit for this
at times (including today) we have looked sharp and have had some good results
if we sack hill what will happen next? someone come in and win us the league. personally i doubt it.
i believe we still have a lot more to see yet this season
this is a tough league this year but with a good run of form promotion is a possibility
maybe im an optimist but its crazy to sack any manager sitting in 8th in october only lost 5 in 15
i know its frustrating but be patient!”

“One thing with us football fans (and we all do it) is that we change like the weather. One minute we are winning and praising our team,the next minute we are slagging our players off and questioning whether our manager should be sacked ! Throughout this season and more seasons to come we will go through a rough patch during a season, and when you go through this patch you have to stay calm and not panic and also have trust in our team/manager.GH is one of if not the biggest and most successful manager at non league level. You only have to look at his records and statisitcs to believe this. I also know for a fact that GH has worked his b*llo*k off for this club (financial issues) to make them more stable and to get our club back on the right tracks, and i have every faith in him to turn this rough patch that we are going through now into something good.”

His first few months in charge were poor, that’s fair enough, it was a case of stabilising and getting things right for the following season. Last season was dreadful, and all we got was a load of excuses about getting high paid players off the wage bill, and how Hill needed time to get his own squad together. OK, I can accept that, although I would have expected some progression, not to finish even lower than the previous season, but it’s all gearing towards a real shot at promotion this season. So far this season, with Hill’s own squad, with an inflated wage bill once again, with some money to spend on players for the first time in years, we get the occasional good performance but more often than not, the same clueless, gutless shite we’ve had to endure over the past few seasons. OK, the team need time to gel, but we’re now a third of the way through the season and the players still look like they’ve never played together before, and don’t look like they care. How much longer do we give Hill to get us out of this two and a half year rut? The end of this season, the end of next season? There has been f**k all suggestion of progress despite the undoubtedly talented squad that we have, and Hill should go NOW and give someone else the time to get us challenging at the right end of the table THIS SEASON.”


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