In place of "S. Fletcher" feel free to insert "Garry Hill"...


3 Responses to RIP

  1. Stand at the Back says:

    Hill is to blame not Steve Fletcher, he did what he is paid to do. Hill needs to decide on his best 11 and play them in their best positions. So far we have had strikers in midfield ,midfield players up front, full backs in midfield, centre halves in midfield and at full back to name a few .The standard of football played is dire consisting of hoofing it up the field, and it is no surprise the gates are dwindling. At Kettering, Rushden hoofed it forward towards Rankine but he won nothing against their hoofing defenders. With a few minutes to go we started playing the ball on the floor and running at Branston and Geoghagen and they were powerless to respond.Did Hill learn from it,? obviously not as we have had more of the same since.Mid table mediocrity beckons.

  2. name@mail.mail says:

    They’re having a good laugh at this on the Crawley forum – well done for perpetuating the stereotype of typical RDFC fans.

  3. rdfcfansblog says:

    I bet you’re fun at parties 😉 It was tongue in cheek…

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