Sam Smith: a profile.

Sam Smiths goal sparks off wild celebration in the Rushden section of the A-Line Arena.

Sam Smith's goal sparks off wild celebration in the Rushden section of the A-Line Arena.

Sam Smith’s goal today was just the latest highpoint of the striker’s sudden rise to prominense in the Diamonds team. His 83rd minute equalier was his 4th goal in his last four appearences for the club. He has scored, chronologically, against Aldershot (the last game of last season), Ebbsfleet, Wrexham and, today, K*ttering. His reputation is now not just of being a super-sub, but as a valuable asset to the club who, perhaps, should be starting regularly.

Today’s goal is interesting on a number of levels. It came, just minutes after he had had a goal dissalowed after scoring from an apparently legal position. Nonetheless, he kept his head up and scored a legitimate goal within a number of minutes. The Kettering-fan (?) made a point of not celebrating his goal, an act appreciated by some Kettering fans and termed trivial by others.

His derby day goal puts him into the history books (if not yet into the hearts and chants of RDFC fans!) along side payers like Duane Darby, Garry Butterworth, Paul Underwood and Onandi Lowe. His choice of fandom aside (and, apparently, it’s only his dad who supports the Poppies!), a goal against Kettering will quickly help to endear himself to the Rushden faithful. If he can continue his run of goals into the Bank Holiday Monday tie with Histon he may even seriously challenge for a starting position, even when Clare returns form injury.


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