Kettering fans in OTT reaction shocker…

Andy Burgess is as true a Diamond as one can get in this season’s squad, and his baiting of Kettering fans in his weekly Daily Mirror  worked a charm. In his article he predicted that the Poppies would be making a quick return to the BSN. In an expected fashion, KTFC fans took the bait; cue a 4-page response on Poppynet. Below are a selection of the best comments…

“F*****G direones scumbag Mother F****R he will get major shit at RR”

“Do we really care what Andy Burgess thinks?”, asked one fan, following it with a  3-paragraph comment.

“It was in the mirror for crying out loud! No-one will have seen it.”

“I haven’t read the article and I never will”, sniffed another fan.

For more reading, click here…


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