Andy Burgess has his say…

The scene after last night’s 2-4 defeat to Spurs, where Burgess scored the 2nd goal.

Andy Burgess has further endeared himself to the Rushden fans by once again writing an article for RDFC Blog. This is his second article for the site. His first is here… The article was written BEFORE the Derby friendly…

So far so good through pre-season and the friendly games. Some good individual performances, but the main thing has been how quickly the new players have settled in and how well everyone is getting on with each other, both on the pitch and off it.

The squad has a feel of having been together for a while, and that’s a tribute to the kind of characters the Gaffer has brought in. They are all experienced players who have been there and done it and they know what is expected of them at a new club. The mentality and maturity of the squad is ten fold what it was last season, as, in my opinion, is the amount of ability throughout the squad.

However talk is cheap and it has got to be a case that come August 9th down in Eastbourne, we hit the ground running and start letting our feet do the talking.

Its great to see that two of the youngest lads in the squad have impressed enough to earn themselves new contracts. Sam Smith and Jake Beecroft are extremely talented players, and really top lads. Sam is your old fashioned English centre forward – big, strong and has got a lot of pace. He scored his first goal for the club against Aldershot last season and I am sure it is the first of many for the club. Beeky, in my opinion, will be the next big thing to come through the ranks – this lad has a hell of a lot of ability, can run all day and has the attitude to take him as far as he wants to go. He will keep his feet on the ground, he is that sort of lad, and I think we’ll see him knocking firmly on the first team door this season.

We have three exciting pre season games left and we hope to get results in the same vain as the previous matches – however we know they are going to be 3 massive tests!

Thanks to Andy for taking the time to write this article exclusively for RDFCBlog and the fans… Burge scored last night in the last pre-season friendly before Saturday, and we all hope he will repeat the feat at the seaside on the weekend!


2 Responses to Andy Burgess has his say…

  1. Anon says:

    Not sure you meant “adorned” unless he has a few fans wrapped around his neck ?

    Endeared ?

  2. Radio Diamonds says:

    Nice stuff Andy!!

    I have a good feeling this season!!

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