Rushden gunned down by spirited youngsters…

Rushden lost their second succesive pre-season friendly yesterday at the hands of a spirited and skillful Arsenal XI – a look to the future of the club. However, it was Daryl Clare’s injury, and not the scoreline, that left a sour taste in the mouths of the Rushden fans.

20 minutes in, with the score at 0-0.

A crowd of 1480 fans – just under last season’s average attendance – watched the action. A scattering of Arsenal fans are shown in the above photo (top-right).
Above, Arsenal attack….
…and score, below.
1-0 at half-time, but the real story is Daryl Clare’s broken jaw – an injury that will apparantly rule him out for up to 8 weeks, a devastating blow to the new-look Rushden team. Clare needed two x-rays, and will have metal plates inserted into his jaw, according to the ET.
Above, 2-0 to the Arse as the PDB looks on.
Above, Kelly delivers a corner kick, from which McDonald just misses.
The Clare injury allowed Dean McDonald to take to the pitch earlier than expected, and he went close to scoring his 6th ever goal for the club, but his shot hit the post.
Full-time, and back to the drawing board.
l“I know no one is supposed to look into friendlies too much but I’m worried that our star strike force isn’t really working. I’ve seen both in 3 games now and I haven’t yet been impressed. The players that have impressed me most were Mitchell, Tomlin and Deano [McDonald], could it be that we spent a lot of money for nothing or am I jumping the gun too quickly?”
If I remember correctly when we signed Clare, it was said that whenever he’s played league football, he seems to have struggled, whereas in non league he has thrived. With this in mind we can’t judge him in these pre-season games at nene park due to all the opposition being league sides”
“Arsenal gave us a lesson in passing yesterday which we could not match. However, playing such high calibre opposition resulting in us having to raise our game should enable us to start the new season well. I’ve been very impressed by most of the players in the last 2 friendlies. The injury to Clare is a blow although McDonald should prove to be a good partner for Phillips up front”
Whilst we couldn’t match them technically, we certainly seemed to have fire in our bellies.”
Above, the 100 or so Arsenal fans.
Above, GH and chief scout look on.
Below, Arsenal go close with a free-kick.
Above, Burgess, back from injury, gets treated by physio Simon Parsell (whose testimonial is on Monday)
Above, substitutes warm up at half-time, with the score at 1-0.
Below, the second-half kicks off.

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  1. J.Sanderson says:

    Hello mate.

    Excellent photo’s and cheers for dropping them off over at my blog, any chance i can use some of them? i will give you full credit.



  2. rdfcfansblog says:


    Please could you check your blog’s email?

  3. diecast says:

    Thanks for the pics!

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