Derby match…

A very comprehensive match update system is available here…

Rushden and Diamonds

  • Marriott
  • Osano
  • Gulliver
  • Hope
  • McDonald
  • Woodhouse (c)
  • Rankine
  • Tomlin
  • Wooleaston
  • Corcoran
  • Roberts
  • Jelleyman
  • Chalinor
  • Phillips
  • Clare
  • Mitchell
  • Burton


Derby fans to the right, above.

A “very boring” first 45 sees the score at 0-0.

However, it took just two minutes of the second half to see the deadlock broken, Nathan Elligton easily putting the away side in front. As the Radio Diamonds commentator said, “a goal is just what this game needed to liven it up; unfortunately it came for Derby County”

Lee Tomlin has been substituted, to be replaced by LP, surprising seeing as he has been reponsible for Rushden’s best attacks.

Clare and Jellyman join the fray; the game’s 9th and 10th substitutions.

Red sky at night, Roy Carrol is sh…..

(Fine, I didn’t make that up 😉 )

Rushden showcase their new away strip.

5 minutes to go…

A last desperate attack.

Full-time sees Rushden lose their first pre-season game of the summer.



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