McDonald makes it 5.

Dean McDonald scored his 5th goal fro RDFC – his 1st official senior competitive strike – as he helped Rushden onto a 2-1 win over their local rivals. While one can never really take a cup final seriously if no earlier games are required to get to the final, the silverware will be more than welcome. Success breeds success, and Rushden have made the perfect pre-season start.

While I cannot access the Rushden fans’ forum (just me?!), Posh fans were very complimentary of Rushden’s performence:

“I thought Rushden did well, was impressed by Challinor and Osano.”
“Rushden wanted it, Posh didn’t. Simple as.”
“You did very well at making sure our strikers had no space … well taken goals”

Above: Rushden celebrate their winner, while the scoreboard valiantly battles to hold onto life.

The win is even more impressive when one considers that Curtis Woodhouse, Andy Burgess and Rob Wolleaston were all not playing yesterday, either still fighting back to fitness (the latter two), or having picked up a slight knock and being rested as a precaution (CW).

941 fans turned out for the game, a large enough number for a pre-season fixture, and well over RDFC Blog’s estimated attendance of 500. Roughly a fifth of the crowd were Posh fans (below).
Rushden can perhaps expect a similar sized crowd on Tuesday, when Derby County visit NP. The game, like yesterday’s, will be covered on Radio Diamonds.



6 Responses to McDonald makes it 5.

  1. The 'Mist says:

    Wow, would you look at the body language of Sagi Burton as he picked that cup up. It just shouts ‘Embarrassment at having to look like you really cared about a tinpot cup’.

    Oh and when’s the forum going to be back up, I want to air my boring, pessmistic views!

  2. Irish Diamond says:

    It’s kind of like “Maybe if I shield my face with this plastic thing….” 😉

    Dunno when the forum will be back up. AD, if you read this, leave a comment or something 😦

  3. The 'Mist says:

    Maybe we should look at getting our own forum type thingy. I checked it out a while ago and it’s £5 for two years use of a domain name.

  4. Irish Diamond says:

    I’m not sure whether or not that is what is going on at the moment. We were looking at updating the forum a while back, so it’s best to wait a while to see what happens before doing anything big. I’ve sent a message to AD so hopefully he’ll get back to me.

  5. Anon says:

    Earlier games were required to get to this final – all of the games we needed to win the Hillier Cup, from which the winner contests the Maunsell Cup Final against either Posh or Cobblers.

  6. rdfcfansblog says:

    Oh, I didn’t know that, actually 🙂

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