O Captain! My Captain!

With last year’s captain Chris Hope announcing that – due to his new role as player-coach – he will not retain his captaincy next term, the search for the new armband-holder is on.

With over half a dozen new players at the club, and the added weight of expectancy that this brings, next year’s captain will have his work cut out from the word go. Woody, Wolly, Gully, Burge, MarrioTT, and Corcoran have all been suggested by the RDFC faithful.


“I’d like to see a traditional centre back getting it. Maybe Gulliver?”

“Personally I think Gully will get it because he’s [currently] vice-captain and the trend these days is to appoint defenders as captains.”

“But if we sign another good CB Gully could find his place in the starting lineup in jeapordy constantly…”



I would like it to be Woody, but I doubt GH would pick a part-time player”

“Woodhouse has his boxing and this could prove too many things on the plate for him, but he would be another good choice if that turns out not to be the case. “


“I don’t think he is captain material at all”

“I think the time might be right for Burge to take it on, as long as his head’s right. “

“Burgess would be an interesting choice and one I find very hard to call. From what I know of his personality (which is very little) I wouldn’t think he was a leader charecter and therefore not really the best for the job, a captain has to be vocal on the pitch and needs to be constantly talking.”

“I’d say Burgess as well, just seems right him being captain and can’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be. “

“TWO REASONS WHY ANDY NURGESS SHOULDN’T BE CAPTAIN NEXT YEAR: tendancy to go missing during games, and lack of communication with team-mates…”

“As much ability Burge has, I  haven’t seen any real qualities that would be needed in a captain…”

Michael Corcoran

“Corcoran does seem like a good choice especially since we have him long term now.


“Marriot wouldn’t be a bad choice as an experienced head at the level above, but he doesn’t know the squad so maybe someone else would be better. “




One Response to O Captain! My Captain!

  1. Outlaw says:

    The captaincy is going to be awarded to the new (old) left back, Paul Underwood!

    “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose””

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