Friday Night Lights

Friday night will see the first game of the 2008-2009 campaign and, partly due to boredom, and partly due to wanting to rid the Blog`s front page of the Danny Potter “set to sign” post (whoops…), below is a short preview to the game.

Halstead Town lie in the 10th level of the Footballing Pyramid (ie. four promotions below the BSP), and they play at the 300-seater Rosemary Lane. The ground is described by Pyramid Passion as “a ground that should be visited by anyone with an interest in old grandstands.” While the seats are covered, the remainder of the ground has no shelter from the elements, whilst “the use of existing pylons as floodlights are.. of interest”. This will be the first game of their 129th season of existence.

The 180-mile round trip (according to Google Map!) may daunt some fans, but it will give those loyal enough to travel a first glimpse at the flock of new players. Rob Wolleaston, Daryl Clare, Lee Phillips and Scott Mitchel are all expected to get a run out.

 If rumour is to believed, either Martyn Margason, Shwan Jalal, Alan Marriot or Danny Potter may be starting in goal, depending on who (if any) sign. Ian Roper, Richard Graham and a mysterious striker called Fazal Koria are all apparently undergoing trials with Rushden, and may earn an appearence.

The match is scheduled to begin at 7.45pm.



4 Responses to Friday Night Lights

  1. name says:

    “mysterious striker”? you have the power of the internet at your fingers man – nothing should be a mystery any more!

  2. rdfcfansblog says:

    The first google search for him turns up this very page; shouldn`t that say enough! 😉

  3. shwan Jalal says:

    A word to wise: you’re spelling his name wrong.

  4. rdfcfansblog says:


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