100 years of the Wellingborough festival.

To mark the centenary aspect of this years Wellingborough Festival, the RDFC float also encapsulated the idea, featuring aspects of Rushden Town, Irthlingborough Diamonds and RDFC.

Some fans were dressed in early 1900’s period dress, and others in various more modern strips. We were distributing leaflets about upcoming club games – especially to the many Arsenal and Tottenham fans in the crowd, as well as giving out sweets to the kids.

The RDFC float came 3rd in its catagory, behind Wellingborough Town FC`s float.

The handsome RDFC models, based on none other than Andy Burgess.

Setting up the float.

Rushden Town (above)

Irthlingborough Diamonds (below)

On the morning of the parade, eventual silver-medalists, Wellingborough Town FC, were spotted setting up their float.

In full bloom, above and below.

Radio Diamonds!

Another view of the ID section.

Another view of the RT section…

…and we`re off!

Well done to…

Huntersboyz for the loan of the trailer, and all the signage
A&J Sectional for all their wood, shed, dugout, player cut outs, generator, and facilities for setting up.
DMS for flyers and other printing
Radio Diamonds for the Sound System and broadcast (both at the Carnival and backat the Nene Park Studio On Air).
Dazzler (the real one) for coming down and entertaining the crowd on the way around
Junior members and other youngsters that came down on the day to help on the float distributing sweets.
All the other volunteers that helped out!
The Football Club
The Fundraising Committee for all the organisation/co-ordination and setup.
Pete the Barman (for eventually making it to Wellingborough, despite the bus problems  – you heard they were doing drinks for 80p in Bar Life on Friday apparently – sounds like a good promotion to me, and something to be considered

and Dazzler (not the lion!)


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