Kettering derby already heating up…

Pre-match “banter” between the RDFC and KTFC fans has well and truely begun. With only a month and a half until the first RDFC-KTFC league derby in 7 years, a war of words is already well and truly underway on the respective clubs online forums…

“Fixtures out, squad taking shape, off field plans moving ahead – this can’t be the Diamonds, surely? 

After looking in on the Ploppies site and reading some of the stuff on there I can’t wait to wipe the smiles off their faces and dish out a bit of reality on the 23rd August. 

 They can be as hostile, disgusting and intimidating as they like (and we know how much that is only too well, its the one thing they excel at) but come the 23rd August I hope, and expect, our lads to stuff them and give them a proper reality check.

They’re wetting themselves with glee at the prospect of playing/beating us and really expect to roll us over, I can’t wait to get there now – early bragging rights MUST be obtained and I sincerely hope Hill makes his players read their site before the match – he won’t need a team talk to motivate them if he does.

I’m not looking forward to the obvious threats and intimidation they will throw our way, no decent human being would look forward to that – but the feeling of winning there after they have behaved like animals is fantastic !! Roll on the 23rd, game on !!

Ahhhh its good to have a proper derby back, not like the pretend one we had with the Knobblers – this is THE one that really matters, god willing we’ll not just beat them, but dish out a humiliating defeat that will leave them doubting their right to be even playing in the same league as us – wonder how many of their “plastic” (or shall we be generous and just call them “resting”) fans will show their faces and claim to have always remained faithful when we play them?

As you can tell, I’m looking forward to the new season and especially to beating the scum…

 (A Kettering fan)

“They should beat us, the budget they are working to will be a hell of a lot bigger than ours. If they don’t they will have nowhere to hide. I also wonder if they do come here and win they will do something they have never done in the past and make some noise before and after the game? [footage of Rushden fans not making noise here… – ed.]

What they fail to grasp is when they won the conference they were all very quick to tell us we would never play them again. Well guess what… you are playing us again, in a league match with both clubs at the same level.

23rd August can’t come quick enough, i hate your club and everything it stands for and those who support it with a passion and i truly hope and believe that [the Rushden faithful] will be left with egg on his face.”


(A Rushden fan)

“To view the anger that it has triggered on their site at your comments makes it even more fantastic.
It is great signing quality players again, and I think the signing of Osano will prove to be a shrewd capture long term.
Going back to the scum I don’t think I have been so excited about playing anyone in the last few seasons and that isn’t because of their footballing flair but because I really hate them and just hope we can turn on the style.

They are really boring with the comments of “plastic fans” and I am surprised the haven’t thought of anything else in the 7 years that we have been parted… muppets.

Anyway, come on you Diamonds! ”



(A Kettering fan)
“We have NOTHING to lose in the derby game.

They are spending most of their budget on their front two so we really don’t have a right to win.


A few of our lads have a point or two to prove to those plastic bastards and I would [keegan]FUCKING LOVE IT[/keegan] if we beat them!

ALL the pressure is on them. No doubt the Finedon, W’boro and Higham odd balls will vacate the Rockingham Road end and should expect to beat us. They’re one of the favourites for the title FFS, why should they ‘roll over’ against us?

I’m sure our own players are fully aware of how much this game means to US (The real football fans) and as Dazza says, I didn’t forget what they said in 2001.



(Rushden fan)
I had a quick look on their site to see what you meant, I didn’t realise they cared so much…


I read down to about the third or fourth posting then switched off, just a load of vile abuse from an uncivilised bunch of thugs, just what I expected to be honest, just proves what a bunch of low lifes they are – remember the comments made about Doyle’s kids when they went to their social club for that TV thing? Wanted to pour petrol over them etc etc didn’t they – sums up the kind of person we’re talking about really, they bring no credit to their club at all, in fact if Ladak reads that site I would think he’d be quite ashamed. 
I don’t really care what they think anyway, at least I stood by my club when we dropped like a stone down 2 Divisions and almost a third, unlike so many of their fans who are now creeping back.

When they visit Nene Park they won’t face intimidation, they won’t receive threats, not because we aren’t passionate about our team, but because we’re decent human beings who know how to behave.

Looking forward to the match, like I say, if not the abuse.




(A Kettering fan)

welcome to hell inbreeds been waiting for this day for 7 long years and it will be hell

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