Andy Burgess talks to RDFC Blog…

ANDY BURGESS, fresh after his summer England-C campaign, tells RDFC Blog about the return to pre-season training, and his hopes for the new term.

Three days now into pre-season and it feels like we’ve never been away!

All the new lads have settled in really well. The new ‘coach’ (Hopey) is enjoying his new role and the lads are responding to him brilliantly.

Our first day, Friday, we had a meeting with the Gaffer and he told us exactly what he expects of us and what Hopey as a coach will expect. We then moved across to the next generation pitch to do the bleep test, which generally measures your fitness. All the lads performed well and not surprisingly Woody was the main man. We then performed a series of physical tests – press ups; sit ups etc – Phillo (Lee Phillips) banged out the press ups at an incredible weight, probably wanted to prove a point to his mate Challs – the two of whom have been inseparable!

Then on Saturday we headed up to our pre-season venue, Kimbolton School . We did a fartleck with Hopey (a long run that randomly goes from walking, jogging and running) and then went into some plyametric work which was a real leg burner but good workout.

Sunday was a recovery day then today we headed back up to Kimbolton for what was the toughest day yet. A good warm up and some quick feet work with the Phys lead into a running exercise called ‘The Flower’, which is about a 40 second blast round a series of poles shaped in the flower. Again it was tough but good. We then had our lunch, an ice bath, and went out for the second session which was my favourite so far – ball work! Some found the running a bit easier than passing the ball (mentioning no names!) but it was good to get the balls out.

Pre-season promises to be very exciting, with some fantastic friendlies and a great trip to Portugal to look forward too.

Hopefully it will lead into a very exciting season… I think it will.





One Response to Andy Burgess talks to RDFC Blog…

  1. name says:

    Some good insights there. Well done to all concerned

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