Kettering fans plan NP boycott, realise it’s a stupid idea.

A discussion on the Kettering FC messageboard made humorous reading this morn. The thread, started by the wittily named “Harry Putter”, put forward the idea of KTFC fans refraining from buying food and other expences when travelling to NP.

“Ive been thinking, when we do go to Nonce Park, can we all boycot buying food? Im sure we can all manage 2 hours without eating a burger? Get a beer if you really have to but 900 odd people not buying food or even programme has got to be a fair bit of lost revenue. I for one will be paying to get in and not spending another penny. You might call it petty but if everyone buys a few beers, food and a programme, we will probably have paid for Daryl Clare’s wages for a few week between us. Just a thought!”, he said in a fireball of hatred and grammatical incorrectness.

Mr. Putter, sadly, did not realise the following few points: “900 odd” away fans paying full-price to get into NP will more than make up for ANY lost profit due to un-sold programmes. When our average away attendance last season averaged roughly only 150 or so fans, we will, if anything, make a booming profit due to the large number of KTFC fans even BEING there, regardless of their recreational purchases. We managed to survive financially despite just 31 Droylsden fans turning up to our game last term, with numerous other clubs bringing a not much more superior number. Compared to this, even with those fans buying other items, the “900 odd” KTFC fans will provide a handsome profit, even if they do abstain from buying a Diamond Burger at half-time.

What perhaps best summed up the whole idea was a fellow KTFC fan’s response to the message:

“I don’t buy programmes.I rarely eat at games. I will have had a skin full before i get to the ground. But if I do want a programme, a burger or a pint I will buy one.” 

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