Room service…

Keith Cousins has further endeared himself to RDFC fans with a new scheme that would see the creation of a 150-room hotel on the club’s grounds. This move, which would directly benefit the club, cements the fact that KC’s intentions are long-term and positive.

Above, an artists impression of the hotel.

Helen Thompson was full of praise for the idea.

“This is an exciting time for the club as it moves forward.
The chairman has invested a substantial amount of money in players and we are pushing to get back into the football league. It costs a huge amount of money to keep our business going and this development will help us as we develop.

“There is a need for a hotel like this in the area and it will help serve places such as Stanwick Lakes and attract more tourists to the area. It will also provide much-needed accommodation for the Olympians who will be training here in the run-up to the London games in 2012. In all, the hotel will compliment all that we are trying to do. We just want to enhance the vision that Max Griggs had for the whole of Nene Park.

Avid Rushden & Diamonds fan David Wignall, of Farndish, said: “This is absolutely brilliant, especially if the profits from this are pushed back into the club.I believe the chairman and the directors have the best interests of the club at heart.They are making sure we have a sustainable football business moving forward.”

Some fans, however, are not so sure.

 “I can’t see why anyone would want to stay in a hotel in the middle of nowhere! You are hardly going to attract buisnessmen there during the week, as let’s face it, there is nothing in I’Boro, and there are hotels off the a45 anyway. As for HT’s comments about Stanwick Lakes being an attraction that people staying in the hotel will want to visit – that’s laughable. NOBODY will book a night at the hotel just to go around Stanwick. Don’t get me wrong, I’m Rushden through and through, but i just can’t see this working. Not in such a large scale. Why build a hotel in a village with nothing worth visiting? Madness!”

The hotel might also increase the away-end numbers at NP. Some teams fans (for example Alty, whose fans must make a 260m round trip, Torquay ……. 480m round trip, and Weymouth ………. 400m round-trip), are daunted by the idea of making long journeys for night games with no chance of local accomodation. The hotel will offer such a service, and may therefor increase the number of fans making the journey to NP.


2 Responses to Room service…

  1. name says:

    Nice of Helen Thompson to give a quote to this blog!

  2. name says:

    Did you mean Keith Cousins endeared himself? lol

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