More good news for RDFC (heaven forbid!)


According to the Daily Mirror, ex-Diamond David Bell “could be on his way to Reading for £400,000 as a replacement for James Harper, who is set to join Middlesbrough for £3.5m”. This is good news for Rushden, as we hold a sell-on clause for the player.

The 24-year-old has been already linked with moves to Norwich and Coventry – with the latter apparently having a bid turned down. Luton, however, are not in any position to turned down a bid of nearly half-a-million, and it seems likely that Bell will leave the cash-strapped League 2 side for the heady heights of the Championship.

Should the deal go through, Rushden will get a sizeable portion of the transfer fee. The sell-on clause is likely to be in the 15%-20% margin, meaning that Rushden could bag a fee of £80,000.

The move would help further Bell’s Irish national team chances; David has previously made one appearence for the Irish “B” side, during last years 1-1 draw with the Scottish “B” side. Mr. Trappo, keep an eye open!


A whisper in the Blog‘s ear hints that Rushden’s under-threat youth set-up is set to receive a welcome boost, through a major fundraising scheme. I can’t disclose anything else at this stage, but I can assure the readers that it is sure to be a major money-spinner, and a great attribute in terms of ensuring the Youth set-up’s future.

According to Mr. Paul Driver, head of the fundraising committee, a notice will appear on the OS very shortly, at Monday at the latest. Sounds good so far…

Have any fundraising ideas? Email


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